Terms Of Service

Terms of Service

  1. Services: [Sarthak Mirchandani] (“Coach”) agrees to provide life coaching services to you (“Client”) which may include goal setting, skills training, accountability, and other personal growth services (“Services”). Details are at Coach’s discretion.
  2. Client’s Role:
    Client agrees to actively participate, provide honest feedback, complete assignments, and apply Coach’s guidance. Progress depends on Client’s efforts.
  3. Confidentiality:
    Coach and Client agree not to disclose confidential information shared during sessions, except as required by law.
  4. Payment:
    Client agrees to pay Coach’s fees as outlined on Coach’s website or in their agreement. Coach may refuse service for non-payment.
  5. Disclaimers: Coach does not provide licensed professional services or advice. Client assumes full responsibility for any actions taken.
  6. Termination:
    Either party may terminate this agreement at any time with written notice. Unused pre-paid sessions will be refunded.
  7. Governing Law: This agreement follows the laws of [India].
  8. Entire Agreement: This document outlines the entire agreement. Changes must be written and agreed to.

By signing up for services, Client agrees to these terms.