Dream Of Someone Unknown Yet So Special

Do you ever wonder? About the unknown people that we meet in our dreams, and feel such a close connection with them that it sucks when we wake up because now we cannot be with them anymore!

I sometimes try so damn hard to get back to sleep just to experience that feeling, that connection again, and seldom do I succeed.

I really don’t know this girl who I saw in my dream, can’t even remember how she looked, the only thing I do remember is her being beautiful and so perfect for me. This is not a very rare phenomenon and a lot of people experience this. The thought of not seeing that beautiful perfect person again makes us feel horrible and sometimes we try our best to rebuild and stretch the dream but, rarely do we succeed in that.

That pleasant feeling of warmth, intimacy, and love, is so vivid and potent, that you spend a couple of days thinking about it, reliving it again and again in your mind. But now, all you can do is give yourself hope and the possibility that you might find such a perfect person someday in real life.

Let’s get over this love bullshit now, have you ever had dreams in which the storyline gets so interesting and fascinating that you get so thrilled in the dream and wake up all excited and delighted and keep thinking to yourself if a movie or a book can be made using your dream plotline. You’re lucky if you remember such dreams because scientifically we forget 95% of the dreams we have.

Have you ever had a dream in which you were conscious about the fact that you are dreaming, and could do literally anything. Such dreams are known as lucid dreams. I have had such dreams though very rarely, but I enjoy every moment of it! For the most part I prefer flying over the valleys and mountains and it feels surreal! I highly recommend doing that once you are aware of a lucid dream. I also once kissed Emilia Clarke in my lucid dreams, and yes she was the dragon queen in it.

Do share if you have had any such experience!

And dreams have no meaning at all, they are just randomly generated cinematic clips and nothing more than that. Show skepticism whenever anyone says otherwise.


Sarthak Mirchandani

Question Everything

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